Our company

UNIWASTEC is a technology company that operates in the field of waste-to-energy production. We have combined the most innovative and greenest waste-to-energy technologies.

Our purpose

We enable the preservation of resources through the process of transferring waste into green energy or industrial grade raw materials.

With our cutting-edge waste-to-energy technologies, we aid industries and governments in achieving their sustainability and climate goals, whilst simultaneously granting security of regional energy supply.

We help industries and governments achieve their sustainability goals. We are here to make the world a cleaner and greener place.

Converting waste into green energy

UNIWASTEC is a technology company that operates in the field of waste-to-energy production.

We combine the most innovative and greenest technologies under one roof to efficiently meet the climate challenges of today’s world.

We make waste a raw material

As long as waste is burnt, stored in landfills or limitedly recycled, it does not have the possibility to become an efficient resource that allows for sustainability and climate goals to be met.

Therefore, the UNIWASTEC system offers a holistic solution for the environmentally friendly use of waste materials to recover recyclable materials, energy that is green and baseload capable 24/7, and industrial grade raw materials.

Waste is the new renewable

We are more efficient and sustainable than all existing solutions on the market.

We are making waste an essential part of the fundamental energy transition while ensuring the security of supply and achieving agreed climate targets. 

physics at its best

Due to our substantial technology lead, we can implement energy production at significantly lower costs.

We thus offer industrial companies, local, regional and national governments and municipalities an innovative way to turn waste into green energy while making it a commercial success.

Our approach

The UNIWASTEC approach encompasses all services from project planning, to engineering, up to financing services and plant operation under one roof.


Do you have a waste problem and are looking for a green solution? Do you need green hydrogen at an attractive price? Contact us with your challenges and needs and we will be happy to present our solutions. We can take care of everything from a single source: financing, subsidies, and legal structures.


We make proposals for the appropriate solutions and technologies. We take care of location issues, permits, approvals, logistics and distribution.


We analyse your situation in detail. With our full waste analysis we get an exact overview of the type of wastes available and the corresponding energy content. What are the energy requirements? What is about the technical feasibility and viability? We develop a detailed waste-to-energy concept for you.


Last but not least we build the waste-to-energy plant. Whether it requires multiple or just one of our technologies, we take care of the entire project implementation. We carry out commissioning, ensure operation, service and maintenance, as well as monitoring and controlling.

Our team

In our team, physicists meet economists, engineers meet marketing experts and tourism managers meet investment specialists. We are a team of experts with different educational backgrounds, different industrial experiences, different nationalities and various interests.

What unites us is the love for nature and our desire to conserve resources and make the world a greener and more sustainable place.


Urs A. Pelizzoni
Urs A. Pelizzoni

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Executive Board of Directors

Tobias Somandin

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Your connection to UNIWASTEC

If you have any questions or queries our experts will always be happy to help. Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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