Investing in a green and profitable future together

Your possibilities to invest

We enable the preservation of resources through the process of transferring waste into green energy.

These options include direct investments in the different projects, joint ventures together with UNIWASTEC in selected markets, as well as options to invest in UNIWASTEC projects via a fund, which will be set up in the coming months.

In general, investments into UNIWASTEC projects around the globe give access to highly stable and predictable revenue streams from the on-taking of different waste streams, to the sale of our recyclables, fertilizers, and energy products like green hydrogen, green synthetic natural gas, green power, or synthetic catalytic fuel.

These revenue streams from the on-taking are secured in any project by long-term contracts with municipalities, industries, or farmers, supplying the waste and paying for the on-taking by UNIWASTEC.

On the sales side, long-term off-taking contracts with energy reliant industries, or market players in general, will secure the income streams.


Sole investment

For some investors, direct investments are the most attractive way to participate in the economic success of a project.

Here, UNIWASTEC offers the option to invest alongside UNIWASTEC, the client, and potentially other investors, directly into the project by acquiring an ownership in the project and operating company.

Alternatively, depending on the size of the project and waste-2-green energy plant being built, an investment by a single investor as the only capital supplier is also possible.

Joint venture

In certain markets around the world, either geographically, or with respect to client segments, a joint venture between UNIWASTEC and the potential investor/business partner might be the most profitable and efficient way forward.

Here, UNIWASTEC is open to negotiations, to elaborate, in what way such a JV makes sense for both sides, in order to profit together from a faster market penetration and project acquisition.

Investors contact

If you have any questions or queries our experts will always be happy to help. Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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