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Agricultural waste is often set on fire because it has no intended use. UNIWASTEC produces synthetic catalytic fuel from it.

From biomass to synthetic-catalytic fuel

The cultivation of food produces large amounts of agricultural waste. Typically, agricultural waste is left to rot or is incinerated.

Not with UNIWASTEC. For us, biomass represents a gigantic source of raw materials to produce synthetic-catalytic fuel.

We handle biomass such as agricultural waste in our catalytic pressureless depolymerization process.

Our 3rd generation fuels (e.g. diesel EN590) are of the highest quality, are fully interchangeable with conventional fuels, and can therefore be used in common engines.

Core Advantages

Climate protection

Vast amounts of climate-damaging gases are released into the atmosphere both when agricultural waste rots and when it is burnt. These can be avoided by making sure that biomass is processed into synthetic fuel.

Source of raw materials

Biomass and agricultural waste is a gigantic source of raw materials. In times of precious resources, we should not waste them by letting them rot or burning them. UNIWASTEC uses agricultural waste to produce synthetic fuels that can replace fossil fuels by 100%.

High quality fuels

Our fuels (diesel standard EN590) are fully interchangeable with conventional diesel, petrol or paraffin and can be used 100% in common engines.

Attractive disposal prices

By processing the biomass into synthetic fuel we are able to offer significantly more favorable disposal conditions than currently available on the market.


We are able to produce the products synthetic natural gas, green electricity, synthetic fuel and green hydrogen from the educts waste, used tires, sewage sludge, liquid manure, biomass, and wastewater.

Did you know?


Our biomass solution is suitable for all those with an annual biomass volume of approximately 13,000 tons.

  • Large farms, farmers‘ associations
  • Large agricultural holdings
  • Public sector
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Your connection to UNIWASTEC

If you have any questions or queries our experts will always be happy to help. Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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