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Common method for producing drinking water is reverse osmosis. However, this is anything but energy efficient. UNIWASTEC has an innovative solution for environmentally friendly drinking water production.

Drinking water purification without any residues

Despite some shortcomings, reverse osmosis is the common technique for drinking water treatment.

UNIWASTEC’s solution for drinking water purification is highly innovative. We use a purely physical process for water treatment. Instead of filtering the dirt and unwanted substances out of the water, we extract pure water from wastewater or seawater.

The resulting dirt concentrates are used as a substitute fuel in our thermolytic cracking process or as a source of industrial grade raw materials after water extraction.

Our process is highly sophisticated, demands low energy, achieves unmatched efficiency, and leaves no residue.

Core Advantages

Sophisticated process

In our process, the pure water is extracted by evaporation and thawing at different pressures and temperatures. The longer the cycle runs, the cleaner the water. Through this, our water achieves drinking water quality. If necessary, we can isolate individual valuable substances with the help of carrier gases.

Low energy demand

Reverse osmosis forces wastewater through a membrane via a high-pressure pump so that only small molecules can pass. This process requires a lot of energy. However, UNIWASTEC only needs a maximum of 22 KWh for the treatment of one cubic meter of wastewater.

Unmatched efficiency

If seawater is desalinated by reverse osmosis, the maximum efficiency is 40% drinking water. UNIWASTEC can process waste, service, process and seawater and achieves an efficiency of at least 90% drinking water.

No residues

During reverse osmosis, the concentration of foreign substances increases, which is why the membrane is constantly rinsed during water production. The residues are either disposed of or discharged into the drain. The maintenance-friendly UNIWASTEC technology works without filters and membranes.


We are able to produce the products synthetic natural gas, green electricity, synthetic fuel and green hydrogen from the educts waste, used tires, sewage sludge, liquid manure, biomass, and wastewater.

Did you know?


Drinking water and clean water are used in many places.

  • Food industry: production of drinking water
  • Automotive industry: cleaning of paint water, old paint, thinner, etc.
  • Chemical and textile industry: for numerous production steps, including cooling, cleaning and as a solvent.
  • Households: cooking, washing clothes, flushing toilets, cleaning bodies, dishes and homes.
  • Agriculture: irrigation of the fields
  • Clean-up of polluted waters: oil pollution, etc.

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