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Using fossil fuels for energy production has no future. UNIWASTEC produces green electricity with the help of waste. This is available everywhere and at any time.

Green electricity from waste

Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil or natural gas intensifies the natural greenhouse effect because of CO2 emissions and has led to a worldwide rise in temperatures.
UNIWASTEC produces green electricity from various waste.


Through our special waste processing we condition waste to be transformed by our thermolytic cracking process (TCP) to synthesis gas, methanized to synthetic natural gas (SNG) and converted into green electricity. In contrast to fossil fuels, waste is available at all times and everywhere.

We thus can guarantee a decentralized and 24/7 baseload capable supply of green electricity.

Core Advantages

Green technologies

Our thermolytic cracking process (TCP) producing synthesis gas is entirely emission-free. As there is no incineration or pyrolysis during the process, we don’t have any toxic gases or leftovers. The only leftover product is pure carbon. The hydrogen, carbon mono-/dioxide and energy required for the SNG production are generated during TCP. Therefore, the power generation by means of gas turbines is the most efficient way.

Available everywhere

Wind and solar energy require large areas of land, disfigure nature and displace people and animals from their habitat. Waste is abundantly available everywhere. We produce green electricity while solving the waste problems with our technology, two increasingly adverse issues in many countries.

Security of supply

UNIWASTEC continuously processes waste into synthetic natural gas (SNG) in an environmentally friendly way. The SNG can be converted into electricity by means of gas engines or turbines. Through this process we can supply green electricity with a 24/7 baseload capacity, ensuring independence and security of supply.

Storage possibility

We are able to store energy, either in the form of refuse-derived fuel (waste bales), or SNG. Through our patented baling process, we can pack conditioned waste into bales, fully gas- and waterproof. On the other hand, also SNG can be stored and turned into green electricity as soon as needed, in contrast to wind and solar energy, where storage is problematic.


We are able to produce the products synthetic natural gas, green electricity, synthetic fuel and green hydrogen from the educts waste, used tires, sewage sludge, liquid manure, biomass, and wastewater.

Did you know?


Green electricity is the environmentally-friendly alternative and can be used everywhere where normal electricity is currently used.

  • Household devices
  • Agriculture, horticulture: ventilation, drying and storage of cereals, dairy cattle husbandry contribute vacuum pumps, milk cooling, lighting, and heating
  • Industry, manufacturing: electric drives, compressed air, pumps, and fans
  • Service industry: heating and ventilation in different buildings, computers
  • Mobility: public transport
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