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Consuming natural gas is not sustainable. UNIWASTEC produces synthetic natural gas from waste and this in a completely green way.

Synthetic natural gas made from waste

Natural gas is often cited as a climate-friendly alternative to coal. However, to achieve the climate goals, a large part of the fossil resources must remain underground.
UNIWASTEC produces synthetic natural gas by gasification and methanation.

With the aid of our proprietary and patented emission free thermolytic cracking process (TCP), we produce a synthesis gas from waste. Through methanation we transform the synthesis gas into synthetic natural gas (SNG). Our solution is environmentally friendly and thus presents a formidable alternative to fossil natural gas.

Core Advantages

Waste as resource

Today, the production of synthetic natural gas is very complex because green H2 and CO2 must be first procured. UNIWASTEC produces SNG by gassing waste. We make use of hydrocarbons already contained in the waste. The required hydrogen is generated during the process by using waste heat.

Innovative technology

Due to our highly sophisticated TCP-technology, we can produce high-quality synthesis gas from waste. This is brought up to the quality of natural gas through subsequent methanization. The energy required for methanization is obtained from the waste heat of the upstream waste gasification.

Unmatched efficiency

The standard power-to-methane process is inefficient because of different sub-steps. On the other hand, UNIWASTEC’s waste gasification process is highly energy-efficient, because we use the waste heat generated during TCP directly to methanize the synthesis gas. Additionally, our allothermal process does not need any external energy and is autarkic.

Attractive price

Our synthetic natural gas is highly pure. We have no contamination by impurities such as sulphury and thus also a clean exhaust gas during combustion. Our homogenized synthetic natural gas is ideal for use in gas turbines. Since we use waste as input material (instead of H2 and CO2) we are also highly attractive in price.


We are able to produce the products synthetic natural gas, green electricity, synthetic fuel and green hydrogen from the educts waste, used tires, sewage sludge, liquid manure, biomass, and wastewater.

Did you know?


Synthetic natural gas can completely replace natural gas.

  • Trade and industry: heat supplier for specialized processes such as melting, annealing, hardening, forming, drying and stoving and thermal processes in e.g. in large bakeries, glassworks, brickworks
  • Heating of buildings
  • Mobility: fuel for ships and motor vehicles
  • Power generation in general
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