Our technologies

UNIWASTEC is a service company that operates in the field of waste-to-energy production. We have combined the most innovative and greenest waste-to-energy technologies.


Evaporation electrolysis

During evaporation electrolysis wastewater or seawater is transformed into green hydrogen. Read more

Catalytic depolymerization

During pressureless depolymerization biomass is converted into synthetic-catalytic fuel. Read more

Mechanical biological treatment

Waste is mechanically sorted and biologically processed. This results in recyclables, fertilizer and refused derived fuel. Read more

Thermolytic cracking process

During thermolytic cracking process, refused derived fuel is processed into synthesis gas. Read more

Power generation

During power generation, synthetic natural gas is combusted in a combined cycle power plant so that green electricity is produced. Read more

Liquid manure treatment

During liquid manure treatment, the liquid phase is separated from the solid phase and valuable nutrients are isolated. Read more

Hydrothermal carbonization

Hydrothermal carbonization is a chemical process for the conversion of sewage sludge into HTC coal, HTC process water and phosphate. Read more

Scrap tire cryogenic

Scrap tire cryogenic is used to separate used tires into their three components rubber powder, steel and textile fibers. Read more

Drinking water treatment

Drinking water treatment is used for the purification of industrial wastewater and the desalination of seawater. Valuable raw materials are isolated. Read more

Your connection to UNIWASTEC

If you have any questions or queries our experts will always be happy to help. Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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