Mechanical biological treatment

In UNIWASTEC’s mechanical biological treatment, mixed waste is processed.


In UNIWASTEC’s mechanical biological treatment, mixed waste is processed.

In a first, mechanical step, the recyclables and inert substances contained are isolated and fed into the material cycle. The non-recyclable materials serve as substitute fuel for gasification and electricity production.

The solid waste can be stored by balling. In a second, biological step, the organic part of the waste is isolated. It is either dried and processed into substitute fuel for gasification or recycled into C-humus fertilizer as required.

C-humus is a high quality carbon-based agricultural fertilizer produced by processing organic waste.

Core Advantages


The dismantling of landfills reduces hazards for humans and animals.


We sort waste down to the last detail and return everything possible to the cycle.


Refined technical process for waste utilisation. State-of-the-art plants with sensor technology.

Flexibility & Quality

Sorting can be done manually or automated depending on the requirements.

Innovative technology to separate substances and make them available again for industrial use.



Plant sizes

Mixed solid waste* Conditioned wasteRecyclablesRequired surface 
t/ht/yRDF t/yOrganics t/y t/yha
*Average composition of municipal waste in Germany

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