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The common disposal of used tires – incineration – is not ideal for the environment. UNIWASTEC recycles them comprehensively and produces green electricity from it.

Holistic solution for scrap tire recycling

In central Europe, the incineration of scrap tires is currently considered the best solution for the disposal of scrap tires, even though it wastes many resources and unnecessarily emits CO2 into the air.

Many tires are still being dumped around the world. UNIWASTEC processes scrap tires without any negative residues.

We process scrap tires with the help of our scrap tire cryogenic. Thereby textile fibers, steel, and rubber powder are isolated.

The textile fibers are used in our emission-free thermolytic cracking process (TCP) and subsequent power generation. The steel is recycled and rubber powder is used widely in several industries.

Core Advantages

Zero emissions

The incineration of scrap tires unnecessarily emits CO2 into the air. Therefore, the better way to deal with this kind of waste is to dismantle the tires into their components and reuse them. By gasifying the textile fibers, we recover the energy contained in the tires. Our thermolytic cracking process is completely emission-free und thus environmentally friendly.

Resource recovery

Like all waste, UNIWASTEC also recycles scrap tires to 100%. Through our rubber powder process we separate tires into three components. The textile fiber is used in our energy recovery process, the rubber powder for elastomeric alloy in the manufacturing industry and the steel is recycled.

Environmental protection

Burning or dumping tires, is no viable way. Tires contain substances that can trigger allergies. During combustion, toxic gases are produced that are carcinogenic. In order to protect the environment, we use tires as a resource and process them into green energy.

Attractive disposal price

Through our holistic approach to scrap tire recycling, we are able to offer a more favorable disposal price than on the market, plus the re-gained raw materials can be re-marketed.


We are able to produce the products synthetic natural gas, green electricity, synthetic fuel and green hydrogen from the educts waste, used tires, sewage sludge, liquid manure, biomass, and wastewater.

Did you know?



  • Garages
  • Dealers for tires and scrap tires
  • Tire stores
  • Public sector: government
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